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1. Rhythm Of Life
2. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
3. Never Knew Love
4. Get Here
5. Hold Me For A While
6. Many Rivers To Cross (from “Jason’s Lyric”)
7. Circle Of One
8. My Heart Won’t Lie
9. Lover’s Holiday
10. Embraceable You
11. We Will Meet Again
12. Love Begins At Home
13. I Just Had To Hear Your Voice
14. Woman In Chains (with Tears For Fears)
15. I Knew You When
16. Window Of Hope

Fan Comments

"If you allow yourself to surrender ( i.e. forget about your office, your politics, your waistline, your 401K...) to the voice of Oleta Adams, I promise she will transport you to another place. Soak in solitude long enough, she will bring you to tears. Heartstoppers from this CD:"Get Here, My Heart Won't Lie, We Will Meet Again, Had to Hear Your Voice, and I Knew You When."
I have been a fan of Oleta Adams for six years and never fail to pack her for a road trip. For lack of a better metaphor, Oleta is fine wine. She is special--not heard or seen on every shelf. You will not drink her everyday, but save for special, intimate occasions. Your palate will appreciate that this makes her a true original."

− Keliza

"Oleta is in her own class. And she definitely has class. That is probably why she is not all that popular with the masses because she would not throw off half her clothes and dance on stage to get attention. The daughter of a pastor and raised in well, she also studied music and plays the piano in her songs. I own three of her CDs and I have seen her in concert; and I must agree that this album is without doubt her best."

− Benson Kinyanjui

"The collection of songs on this cd is all of my favorites and I thoroughly enjoy hearing it over and over again. She has the ability to communicate love, joy, and peace in each presentation. She is gifted with a beautiful voice as a artist, and a talented songwriter."

− Janis Backing

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