1. Never Knew Love
2. Once In A Lifetime
3. I Knew You When
4. You Need To Be Loved
5. Slow Motion
6. We Will Meet Again
7. This Is Real
8. Life Keeps Moving On
9. Long Distance Love
10. Love Begins At Home
11. If This Love Should Ever End
12. New Star

Fan Comments

"i love her voice and her music. you could buy any of her c-d`s and not go wrong. add this to the list now."

− G. Ferguson

"I love Oleta's voice. I have worn this CD out. I need to buy another CD. I love driving long distances and this is my favorite driving music. Oleta reminds me of Randy Crawford; two women with strong smooth wonderful soulful voices. You can actually hear the lyrics when they sing; no need to guess. This is not the tiny bopper music. This is music for mature taste. This is real music, not the X-rated mess that's produced and you hear today."

− Hunter J. Camper

"I've owned this CD since it was first released, but I moved recently and could not find it, so I simply re-ordered it!! This lady is a member of a very limited 'club' of my absolute, all-time favorites!!! This album (and 'Come Walk with Me') showcases one of the most uniquely riveting voices in the industry. What a talent!!"

− Cecil Graham

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