1. Long and Lonely Hours

Fan Comments

"I love this CD. I like singers that don't screech, scream or do the up and down scaling trying to find the note they just can't seem to find...lol. I like singers that sing a song without ruining it with the modern day version of what THEY think is good music. Oleta sings a song straight forward with a lot of soulful insight and feeling. She is truly a great artist."

− Lawrence J. Ukolowicz

"A great collectable!"

− Tony Frey

"I've owned this CD since it was first released, but I moved recently and could not find it, so I simply re-ordered it!! This lady is a member of a very limited 'club' of my absolute, all-time favorites!!! This album (and 'Come Walk with Me') showcases one of the most uniquely riveting voices in the industry. What a talent!!"

− Cecil Graham

"oh man this song is heart wrenching. It pulls you right along to a place you never knew existed before. It’s lovely. It gets ya."

− Whitney Baskins

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