Circle Of One, the debut solo album from Oleta Adams, features her biggest UK & International hit, ‘Get Here’ and more including a remix of ‘Circle Of One’ not featured on the US pressing. 10 total tracks. Spectrum. 2006.

1. Rhythm Of Life
2. Get Here
3. Circle Of One
4. You’ve Got To Give Me Room
5. I’ve Got To Sing My Song
6. I’ve Got A Right
7. Will We Ever Learn
8. Everything Must Change
9. Don’t Look Too Closely
10. Circle Of One (Remix)

Fan Comments

"I love this CD. I like singers that don't screech, scream or do the up and down scaling trying to find the note they just can't seem to I like singers that sing a song without ruining it with the modern day version of what THEY think is good music. Oleta sings a song straight forward with a lot of soulful insight and feeling. She is truly a great artist."

− Lawrence J. Ukolowicz

"A great collectable!"

− Tony Frey

"I've owned this CD since it was first released, but I moved recently and could not find it, so I simply re-ordered it!! This lady is a member of a very limited 'club' of my absolute, all-time favorites!!! This album (and 'Come Walk with Me') showcases one of the most uniquely riveting voices in the industry. What a talent!!"

− Cecil Graham

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