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Behind the mind of Oleta....
In last year's Christmas letter that I received from my seventh grade music teacher (she always sends it after the first of the year), she concluded with the statement, " It has always bothered me that America doesn't appreciate you more". I have not agreed with her, but then she does not travel around in my circles as I play all the different venues around the country. She feels as if I'm more appreciated in Europe. America is so large and has so many opportunities for artists that even if you don't hear about someone where you live, they can still have a thriving career playing all over America. That's my life. For many people, if you're not on the radio everyday or on TV or in their local town, you're not performing anymore.

I confess to you that sitting on that front row next to The Jacksons, Jody Watley and others, I thought of my teacher and was tempted to contact her and say, "See, America does appreciate my contribution." But by the end of the night I had a change of perspective.
All through my career it has been made clear to me that how other people see my success was none of my business. My job was to use my talent and hope that it accomplished something good. So at the end of every show, be thankful for the opportunity, and move on to the next.
I see myself as a musician that "some people may have heard of". So when Teddy Riley walks over to me in the green room and starts talking to me, I'm sitting there saying to myself, "How does he know who I am?"

But once in a while in those quiet moments when I'm contemplating whether or not it's time to put up my Manolo Blahniks and eyelashes, God allows a pearl of encouragement as if to say, "You reached them by radio, by video, by television, by Muzak, by piano bar, by concert hall, by sidewalk performances, by internet, by satellite, by church sanctuaries, by cruises, and this is their way of showing their appreciation." So I want to thank everyone at the Black Music Honors Awards for a beautiful evening of memories that was too special to ever forget. And thank you to all of you who have shared such warm wishes. To all of you, I'm eternally grateful! Oleta
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With gratitude I accepted the Legend Award at the Black Music Honors ceremony on Friday night.
The event was filmed and will be air in syndication during the month of September and again on Bounce TV on Oct 10th. In the mean time enjoy the behind the scenes photos.
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Red Carpet for Black Music Honors. ... See MoreSee Less

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July 9, 2017
Newport Beach, CA
Hyatt Regency Newport Beach
High Hopes Fundraising Concert

September 9, 2017
Prairie Village, KS
Prairie Village Jazz Festival
1 show, 9pm

September 22-24, 2017
Hollywood, CA
Catalina Jazz Club (Bar & Grill)

October 12 & 13, 2017
Birmingham, AL
Hoover Library Theater

November 3, 2017
New York, NY
BB Kings

November 5, 2017
Alexandria, VA
The Birchmere

December 2017
Tour of Holland (TBC)